About me

Conchi Yellon London artist scultptorMy diverse background being born in Catalan Spain and then educated in France and finally settling in  London has lead to my inborn curiosity giving me a need to explore and travel.

I came to sculpture after a career in teaching languages having always been interested in art and it soon became a passion that overtook my life.

 Having started from a relatively classical background, I soon felt the need to explore new techniques, materials and subjects and was drawn into more stylised and contemporary sculpture.In most of my work one can still see the influence of classical art. Having started modelling clay, I went on to use a variety of materials such as cement fondue, wax, plaster, stone and wood, enabling to achieve my ideas.  These materials helped me develop my style with cleaner, simpler lines yet enabling each piece to retain its own character.

I am inspired by my surroundings, by the natural and organic shapes of nature and I love the curvatures and strength of the female and male forms. I try to convey the beauty, the softness and inner serenity of the human face taking into account light, reflection and shade.